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North False Creek, Vancouver, BC

Avg. condo price: $ 1,087,692
Avg townhouse price: $ 2,014,666

The north shore of False Creek is often referred to by locals as Yaletown.  Yaletown proper is a historic neighorhood of only six blocks between Mainland and Homer, emcompassing warehouse conversion lofts, and trendy shops and restaurants.  The waterfront homes south of Pacific Avenue are built on the former Expo '86 lands, and feature highrise towers, lowrise townhomes, and a small village-like atmosphere at the foot of Davie Street.  The sub-area surrounding BC Place, dubbed The Entertainment District, features high density condominiums, and a new hotel/casino complex.  North False Creek features David Lam Park and George Waiborn Park at the water's edge, the Roundhouse Community Center, Urban Fare, and waterfront dining.  This neighborhood is popular with young professionals and families for it's urban playground appeal, and larger condos that were constructed at the very beginning of its creation.  The Marinaside District has an intimate feel.  Many condominium properties feature views to South False Creek.  Quayside Marina is at your doorstep, and offers short term and long term rentals, accommodating boats up to 120 feet.


** Average prices include Yaletown, and are for all properties sold during the 4th Quarter, 2017.


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