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Kitsilano, Vancouver, B.C.

Avg. house price: $ 3,694025
Avg. condo price: $ 805,689
Avg. townhouse price: $ 1,202,869

Kitsilano, affectionately called "Kits" by locals, stretches from English Bay waterfront to West 16th Avenue, from Burrard Street to Alma Street.  Once a Hippie haven, Kitsilano is now home to the ultra-healthy, fashion-conscious, and fitness crazed.  This area offers a mix of low-rise rental apartments, condominiums, older character homes split into strata suites, and single family homes.  The average lot size is 33’ x 122’ and therefore, detached homes in Kitsilano usually reach a maximum of 2400 sq. ft.  Older, character homes are typically smaller and are on smaller lots.  Prices are noticeably higher North of 4th Avenue, due to close proximity to Kits Beach, and high end re-development of smaller, exclusive strata buildings.  West Broadway and West 4th are the major shopping and dining areas, and both have a similar flavor of uniqueness of small business.  Kits Point, a small tip of land adjacent to Kits Beach, offers some of the most expensive and exlusive detached single family homes and duplexes in Vancouver.  Properties on Kits Point rarely become available, and it is not unusual to see homes held in a family for generations.


** Average prices are for all properties sold during the 4th Quarter, 2017.


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