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Cambie, Vancouver, B.C.

Avg. house price: $ 3,005,428
Avg. condo price: $ 899,968
Avg. townhouse price: $ 1,666,566

Cambie is situated between West 16th and West 41st Avenues, and from Oak Street to Ontario Street.  It is characterized by mostly single family homes, a mix between character homes, and newly constructed homes.  Most lots are standard 33' x 122", but larger 50' lots are available.  Douglas Park is a magnet for locals, and Queen Elizabeth Park is a jewel of the City.  The Cambie Corridor has undergone a major transformation with increased density due to the Canada Line rapid transit line to Richmond.  Most of the single family homes along Cambie Street have been replaced with 6 story multi-family developments, and the Oakridge Shopping Centre is due for more development and densification.  Once an entry-level neighborhood preferred by young families, prices of detached homes have escalated since 2010 as demand for affordable neighborhoods increased in the West Side of Vancouver.  This neighborhood is now mostly out of reach for the demographic it used to be, as young families have been pushed east of Main Street.


** Average prices are for all properties sold during the 4th Quarter, 2017.


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